Kozminsky has been Melbourne’s most loved Jeweller since 1851. Collaborating with  Emma Elizabeth, Kozminsky come to the conclusion that the celebration of 165 years could be something that is celebrated through the theatre and eye of the design world.

Ross Gardam is proud to be one of the seven designers selected to respond to the brief including Emma Elizabeth, Tom Fereday, Christopher Boots, Alexander Lotersztain, Dowel Jones and Alex Fitzpatrick.

As part of the project we created a 1 off limited edition Polar Desk lamp featuring a 23K gold plated disk for Kozminsky’s 165 year anniversary.

Gold plated bolts at the base and side mechanism combined with a gold plated engraved plate on the rear of the disc highlight and define this rare collectors piece.

All of the 1/1 pieces will be available to view from November 11th within the Kozminsky store, 421 Bourke Street Melbourne. With all designers also taking over the stores front windows over the festive period. The designs are available for purchase directly in store or by emailing info@localdesign.com.au.